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Multilingual pre-school of harmonious development “Mažųjų valdos


In the Kindergarten, we implement the Program of Harmonious Development, created by our team of specialists, in a multilingual environment. Our meta-goals:

  1. To help your child grow strong.
  2. To help develop emotional intelligence, social skills and understanding principles of morality.
  3. To help your child discover himself and to trust the world.
  4. To help prepare for school. We have a preschool group.
  5. To help realize innate, ultimate desire of your child to know, to develop, to learn.



Strong, sporty and healthy body

(Healthy organic nutrition + Gymnastics + Outdoor pedagogy + Endurance hiking + Healthy lifestyle)

Emotional intelligence and social skills

(Target behavior rules + teachers of high moral standing + emotional intelligence lessons + fairytale therapy)

Understanding who you are and what you seek (spiritual evolution)

(Creative (free) game + teachers-personalities + books + creation + music + self-knowledge + family engagement)

Powerful mind

(Love for learning + Main Categories of Knowledge + Example of Curiosity + Foreign Languages + preparation for reading and writing)

Important! We create a rich (but respectful to a little child's capacities) environment, in which a child takes his own decisions how much and what exactly to take from it. This is predetermined only by child's inclinations. Child's mental powers and potential are unlimited. In a friendly cooperation with wise teachers his powers double. In a repetitive day schedule we balance– (1) group work or group play, (2) creative (free) play, (3) teaching by example, (4) individual attention for a child.


At our Kindergarten “Mažųjų valdos” we constantly create an atmosphere of celebration – of life, of knowledge, of progress, growth and freedom, but the most important is love.

Our mission is to help parents help their children experience full-fledged childhood - in communication, creation, movement, cognition.

We follow the principles of humanistic pedagogy in kindergarten: a child from birth is a Human who is passionate (and lawfully) willing to liberate, develop and grow. Bright children lead us to a bright future. The child is a special envoy, and our job is to help him discover himself and give everything he needs for his realization.

Passion for freedom

Need to feel free



Passion for perfection

Need to learn

Passion for adulthood

Need to grow up


Children are special in their abilities. Only special adults can help them to improve themselves.

We pay special attention to the teacher's training, their motivation and daily development. The Kindergarten Team is made up of competent, experienced adults with a special training program. Kindergarten works constantly: Lithuanian, English-speaking, Spanish-speaking teachers. In addition, the following specialists arrive at the lessons: music teacher, sports gymnastics coach, consultant psychologist.


Meaningful Games + Nature + Communion = Extremely bright kids

Kindergarten is open from 07:30 to 18:00. Work with children constantly Lithuanian speakers, alternately English-speaking, Spanish-speaking and Russian-speaking teachers (language teaching by immersion).

We always learn in the morning and go outside in any weather. In the afternoon we sleep (or just have time for rest) and in the evening we play in creative laboratories (supervised and directed by the free game).

Each month and week has its own themes. Because even the youngest child deserves the true cognition.

  • 7.30 The door of the kingdom opens!
  • 8.00 The most delicious breakfast
  • 8.30 - 10.00 Lessons *
  • 10.00 Snacks and Outdoor Pedagogy (in the yard or outside the area)
  • 12.30 The healthiest lunch
  • 13.00 Sleep or a quiet time for non-sleepers
  • 15.30 Healthiest Dinner
  • 16.00 Creative laboratories / free play / field at warmer season
  • 18.00 the Kingdom falls aslpeep

*Relevant age groups children have different cognitive game sessions every day: music / art therapy / gymnastics / mathematics / project work / English / Russian / Spanish


At Mažųjų valdos Kindengarten children have especially balanced and healthy diet.  Here kids eat almost everything! 

There is a choice of vegetarian meals and / or meals for allergic children. After all, the strength of the body is the basic for the development of all other intelligences.

  • Full-time education 7.30-18.00 - 600 euros/month - all inclusive, no additional fees related to education. Half-day education (7:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m., only in Antakalnios St.) - 450 euros/month.
  • Enrollment fee - 400 euros for the family (for the first child only).
  • Catering is paid extra: breakfast – 1,5 Eur, lunch – 4,5 Eur, dinner – 2,4 Eur, snacks - varies, depending on the season.


Multilingual Kindergarten “Mažųjų valdos

Working hours 7.30 to 18.00
K.Donelaičio st. 5A, Vilnius 
Antakalnio st.. 26A, Vilnius
Gurių g. 127A, Vilnius

Contact us: 861275418


We educate, welcome and accept children from 1,5 years all year round. If You have any questions, we can talk on a phone or agree to meet. Just call us 861275418. Choosing a kindergarten for your child is a responsible step. You can find more information about the values of our educational system on the blog by the founder and educator of the kindergarten Renata Lazdin mazujuvaldos.wordpress.com (LT only).